Pupil Representation

pupil Parliament

Our Pupil Parliament is a dynamic and inclusive forum where the voices of our pupils truly matter. Pupil Parliament empowers young minds to shape their educational experience and school environment. Through thoughtful discussions, brainstorming sessions, and collaborative decision-making, these emerging leaders work together to address issues, propose initiatives, and foster positive change within our school community. Our Pupil Parliament is a testament to the importance of pupil engagement and democracy in education, ensuring that every pupil has a say in their school's future. Together, we strive for excellence, unity, and a brighter tomorrow.

Play Leaders

Our dedicated team of Play Leaders support all of our pupils at play time and lunch time to have a successful, positive experience. Our Play Leaders work closely with Mrs French, our HLTA, to ensure they are equipped to lead and support their peers during social times of the day. Our Play Leaders offer suggestions for new games and even work with Mrs King to keep our play equipment well-stocked and exciting!


At Burfield Academy, our pupils are passionate about environmental issues, and as an Eco-Warrior they take a lead in encouraging an eco-friendly approach at school and beyond. Eco-Warriors lead the way at Burfield Academy. They support with litter picking, recycling and even survey our food waste! The Eco-Warriors have a close eye on which classes are acting in an eco-friendly manner and even award eco-certificates in our celebration assemblies.


Our Librarians work with our English Lead, Mrs Nash, to help keep our Library organised, attractive and tidy. The librarians organise each section of the library into categories and monitor stock levels. They are fantastic advocates of reading and are great at recommending new books to read! 


At Burfield Academy, we hold a deep and unwavering commitment to valuing pupil voice and representation. We believe that the perspective and input of our pupils are invaluable in shaping our educational environment and ensuring that it caters to their unique needs and aspirations.